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Things to consider about life insurance ......
Why do I need life insurance?
What kind of life insurance?
A vital tool

There are two basic and necessary reasons to buy life insurance. You owe someone or You love someone.

How much Life Insurance is right for you?
How much coverage should you own personally, not counting group term coverage? With so many people frequently changing jobs these days, many are learning that owning and controlling their own life insurance policy has many important advantages. In addition they are often surprised to learn that they have been significantly underinsured.

Traditionally, individuals tend to buy life insurance in round numbers - such as $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000 - or using the general rule of purchasing 8-10 times their household income. Few actually try to determine the correct amount to purchase. While doing so is a relatively simple process, it can be uncomfortable for some because it involves thinking about death. Given the importance of this issue to survivors, the best solution is to move beyond that discomfort and plan accordingly.

Determining What You'll Need
Consider family needs within the first few months of your death. Funeral expenses, administrative costs and other immediate expenses can be shocking. In addition, clearing up unpaid bills or revolving debt like credit cards or consumer loans is often necessary.
Determine how much will be required to pay off any remaining mortgage balance on your primary residence.

Providing an education fund for your children is also critical. There are many schools of thought regarding this, but you must consider how much money you would like to see allocated for your children's education in case of your death.

The final issue is often the largest - income replacement. If you have taken care of the above-mentioned needs, most studies indicate that a typical family can maintain its standard of living on 60-75 percent of pre-death household income. While it is a personal choice, you must consider whether the beneficiary will live off the principal paid by the policy or the income it generates through investments. It is also important to consider the length of time this money will cover. Most families decide that this should last at least until your children are out of college.

Health Insurance

Do you pay for your own health insurance, or offer coverage to your employees?

If you do, as health insurance specialists, we offer Individual and Group Health Plans, Group and Individual Vision and Dental, as well as Medicare Supplement policies and can assist with the Medicare Part D Prescription coverage.

Save on your health insurance costs now!

Health insurance is a significant expense for most families and together, we can tailor a plan to fit your needs - and your pocketbook! We could "quote you a rate" - but that would never offer you the benefit of discussing and designing a plan specifically for your needs that you understand.


Medicare Supplement insurance can help you fill in some of the "gaps" that Medicare won't pay. Why is Medicare Supplement insurance necessary?


Please contact us for more information on Medicare Supplement Insurance.