Umbrella Policy


What would you do if a legal judgment against you was greater than your primary insurance limits?

Everyday you hear about high dollar judgments that have been awarded to injured parties. Accidents are bound to happen and today's litigious society paves the way for many additional high dollar lawsuits. A legal judgment against you, that is more than your primary insurance limits, could leave you in a financial bind for the rest of your life.

Take for Instance:
You are late for work and run a red light. As a result, your car hits a school bus and several young passengers are injured. One of the passengers is a 13-year old who suffers severe brain damage.

The family of the 13 year-old sues you and receives a judgment for $750,000. Your primary automobile insurance coverage limit is $300,000. who pays the remaining $450,000? You do!

This type of judgment could involve attachments to assets like your:

Personal Umbrella policy provides:

Up to $5 million additional financial protection for your family over your primary limits includes: