Life Insurance - A Vital Tool

Life insurance is a vital tool that addresses two of the most serious risks you face: the risk of dying too soon and the risk of living too long. In either case, life insurance can provide the right amount of money at just the right time, whether it's furnishing the cash and income your family will need after your death or supplementing your own retirement income while you are still living.

Tax-free death benefit
No other product will provide such a large, instant cash windfall, income-tax free*, at the very time it is needed most.

*Tax-free death benefits - Proceeds from an insurance policy paid because of death of the insured are generally excludable from the beneficiary's gross income for tax purposes (IRC Sec. 101(a)(1).) Consult your tax advisor or attorney on your specific situation.

Benefit is paid directly and immediately
Your beneficiary will receive the policy proceeds without the inconvenience of passing through the probate process.

Choice of coverages
If your protection needs are temporary, you may prefer the low initial cost of term insurance. For protection needs that are permanent, however you will want to consider a permanent form of life insurance. You can even choose a combination of permanent and term protection.

Tax-deferred accumulation**
Earnings inside a permanent life insurance policy will accumulate free of current income tax. Taxes are deferred until you receive policy cash values exceeding the money you paid into the policy. (Unless the policy is a modified endowment contract.)

**Tax-Deferred Growth-Income - Income and growth on accumulated cash values has been held by the Tax Court to be generally taxable upon withdrawal. (T.H. Cohen, 39 TC 1055 (1963), acq. 1964-1 CB 4 also, IRS. Sec. 72.) Consult your tax advisor or attorney on your specific situation.

Guaranteed premiums
I can offer you a life product that offers you permanent life insurance protection with a guaranteed lifelong premium that can never increase.

Permanent life insurance allows you to obtain money from the policy's available cash value to meet emergencies or anticipated needs. The money may be received as a policy loan, which is not taxable. (Unless the policy is a modified endowment contract.) At death, any unpaid loan and interest would be deducted from the proceeds payable to the named beneficiary(ies).

Guaranteed level premiums with guaranteed values
The premiums on a permanent whole life policy are guaranteed never to increase. As long as the policy remains in force, you know exactly what the policy's guaranteed minimum cash values will be. If you qualify, riders may be added to your policy with additional premiums. (Not all riders may be added to all policies.)

A two-year suicide provision is included in policies (one year in Colorado and North Dakota). If a policyholder commits suicide during the first two policy years, only a refund of premiums will be made (Missouri requires coverage for acts of suicide, unless it can be proved that the insured intended suicide at the time the application was completed).

The foregoing is neither a contract nor an offer to contract, but is a general description of benefits available under a policy providing the benefits outlined. The exact provisions, terms and conditions of the contract are set forth in detail in any such policy as may be issued.